Friday, May 8, 2020


The surf clubhouse at Jordan River
The surf clubhouse at Jordan River

The surfing at Jordan River has effectively ended for the season as the winter storms -- and their associated waves -- fade away. A rare spring surf day last week resulted in 70 people showing up. Far more than can reasonably be accommodated by the small spot so my surf pals gave up after a short time.

Jordan River has its own surf club who 'own' this clubhouse at the site. It includes storage for their boards as well as a sauna for the use of its members. You can only join the club through invitation. The few members that I know of are old timers who have been surfing out here for decades.

They aren't known for being inviting of newcomers and outsiders. And they barely tolerate SUPboarders like me. So I likely won't be offered a membership card anytime soon.

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