Tuesday, January 21, 2020

The last dinosaurs

A Cooper's hawk pays us a visit.
A Cooper's hawk...
Recent surveys have concluded that bird populations are falling across North America. It's attributed to such things as disappearing habitat due to climate change and development, and hunting by exploding unrestrained cat populations.

When we first moved to our current house fifteen years ago, we were entertained by a family of grouse living in our back yard. In fact, it was not uncommon to see grouse throughout the rural parts of Saanich.

The grouse are gone now. The ones in our yard disappeared within two years... just about the same time that a notorious grey and white cat appeared to use our backyard to transit the neighbourhood.

Periodically, birds of prey used to land in our yard and it was always a thrill to see them. We haven't seen any of them in years either.

Birds are descended from dinosaurs. Once they go extinct the "terrible lizards" will be well and truly gone.

A red-tailed hawk looking for a meal in our yard.
A red-tailed hawk...

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