Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Wildlife on the crater's edge...

Chipmunks make cute for tourists...
Chipmunks of a different sort make cute for tourists...
Most Canadians would probably call these critters chipmunks. However, depending on where we have been in the States, we have heard them referred to as ground squirrels, or -- in the case here -- yellow squirrels.

In fact, they did have a patch of yellowish fur just behind their ears but, otherwise, they don't look much like the ones that turn up in a Google search.

A Crater Lake bird eyes the popcorn.
What is this mystery bird called?
As for the bird, no idea what it is, but I would guess a jay of some sort.

People seemed more fascinated feeding these enthusiastic eaters than admiring the fantastic panorama of Crater Lake before them.

Except for one woman with a German(?) accent. In cold and clinical tones she told her young boy not to feed them because "they are wild animals and have diseases."

Talk about a killjoy...

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