Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Surfin' USA

The Deschutes River runs through Bend OR...
Bend residents float down the Deschutes River on a warm day...
If you've ever been to Kamloops in BC, Bend in Oregon will seem familiar. Bend has a comparable population to Kamloops. Like Kamloops, Bend is located in an arid part of the state. It has a river running through the heart of it just like Kamloops.

Bend has something Kamloops doesn't though. Surfing!

Yup, you can surf in Bend. They've created a whitewater park in the river which includes standing waves. Local surfers politely take turns riding waves just like we do here on the west coast.

You can watch the surfers in real time via this webcam.

Wave riding in Bend's whitewater park...
Surfers at Bend's whitewater park

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