Monday, February 25, 2019

Sign of the times

Social engineering at work...
Special parking for special cars...
This was just too much!

At our local mall I was looking for a parking spot when I came across three spots marked like you see above. Exclusive parking for low emission vehicles only?!

Special parking for the disabled... I can get on board with that. Special parking for pregnant women... I can sorta get onboard with that. (Our grand-mother and great-grandmothers were made of sterner stuff... pregnancies didn't slow them down.)

Special parking for families with small children? Uhm, why? Kids have legs and more energy to burn than most adults.

But special parking just because you happen to own a politically-correct type of vehicle. Nope, I wasn't having that. I took my cue from the dual-exhaust Nissan parked in one of the spaces and parked my seven-passenger van in the space next to it in an shared act of defiance.

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