Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Big Sky Country... up for sale

Mermaids entertain the patrons at the Sip'n'Dip lounge.
Mermaids in motion behind the bar...
A recent online petition in the United States called for Montana to be sold to Canada for the sum of one trillion dollars.

For the remaining United States, that would enable them to pay down a tiny bit of their massive national debt. In return Canada would get to own the recently mentioned Our Lady of the Rockies, the Bleu Horses and the Berkley Pit.

We would also get the very retro-cool and award-winning Sip'n'Dip tiki lounge in Great Falls, Montana which features live mermaids swimming behind the bar. The lovely ladies will also play tricks with bubbles if you leave them a tip.

You've been warned...
You've been warned!

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