Friday, January 4, 2019

Rich Rico

Colourful driftwood in search of restoration...
All that remains of Fan-Ta-Sea Isle after a big blow...
Following on from my last post, by coincidence, my wife and I walked the West Bay walkway from Esquimalt to Victoria a few days after I composed that post.

It was a fine and sunny warm day when we came across the remains of Fan-Ta-Sea Isle, the name of the driftwood sculpture featured several times on this blog.

And, in another bit of serendipity we came across Rich Rico, the artist who first put together the sculpture way back when, and that has amused and entertained pedestrians over the years.

Rich Rico, artist
Artist Rich Rico... soon to embark on a new mission
At 77, he exudes energy and charisma. He has ambitious plans to re-build the art installation and make it part of a larger children's park. I'm looking forward to seeing it take shape...

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