Wednesday, January 2, 2019

It's art, beaches...

Evolving art along Victoria's waterfront...
Colourful, organic beach art...
2018 Dec update:
Sadly, this art installation is gone. It did not survive last week's intense wind storm that reduced it to driftwood.
2018 Jan 10:

If you take a stroll along Victoria to Esquimalt along the pleasant Westsong Walkway, you can enjoy the scenery of Victoria's inner and outer harbours. You'll be treated to views of birds (seals and sea otters too, if you're lucky), as well as ferries on the water, aircraft landing and leaving, upscale float homes, kayaks and dragon boats... It's a great way to soothe the soul while enjoying sun, fresh air and awesome vistas.

Along the way, you'll also encounter this piece of driftwood sculpture.

In one form or another, it has been here for years. It "evolves" over time as people (one person?) add more pieces to the art installation and freshen up the paint job.

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