Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Wayback Wednesday: Same story, different players...

Same message, different project...
Is she still fighting the good fight today?
About six years ago, I attended a protest rally on the lawn of our local legislature. The crowd were there to protest Enbridge's proposed Northern Gateway oil pipeline from Alberta to Kitimat, BC. Opposition to the pipeline eventually led to the project being cancelled by PM Justin Trudeau.

So, there is some irony in the fact, that Trudeau has firmly come out in support of a similar project, Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline. Not only does he support it, but he has committed Canadian taxpayer dollars to buying the project in an determined effort to see it completed.

And, just as with the Enbridge pipeline, protesters from a wide swath of BC society have come out firmly against the project for much the same reasons they objected to the previous project.

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