Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Wayback Wednesday: Big Country

First view of the Rockies in Alberta...
In a big country
dreams stay with you
like a lover's voice
--Big Country

My wife and I love BC, but it has been several years since we toured the province during the summer.

For the last couple of years, extensive wildfires have forced us to travel to the States instead. Aside from the usual wildfires this year we also face increased gas prices as a result of our unhappy provincial neighbour, Alberta.

BC and Alberta are involved in a dispute... Alberta wants to build a bigger pipeline to the west coast to expand markets for its petroleum products in Asia. Meanwhile, BC is alarmed at the environmental and economic ramifications of an oil spill off its coast.

Both provinces have engaged in low level trade wars to express their opposition, but Alberta has threatened to escalate the conflict by turning off the flow of domestic oil to BC. The result would be dramatically higher gas prices in BC which might force us again to return to the US for our summer vacation.

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