Monday, June 18, 2018

Unsolved mystery..

Skulls among the shrubs...
Bigfoot remains?
Remember that old series called "Unsolved Mysteries"? By definition, mysteries are unsolved so the title is redundant... sort of like saying "dead corpse".

In Tofino's Botanical Gardens you'll find this and other mysterious giant skulls among the shrubs. Their origin is unknown, but could they be evidence of sasquatch roaming the forests of the Pacific Northwest? (Cue the music...)

Monday, June 4, 2018

Wally Creek

Wally Creek on Vancouver Island...
On the road to Tofino...
Wally Creek is a popular rest stop on the way to Tofino on Vancouver Island's outer coast. It features spectacular views of the nearby mountains. The erosion from the fast flowing water has carved out chasms and strangely organic shapes from the rock.

When we last passed this way several years ago, we noticed the love locks hanging from the nearby fence. Over the years, the locks have given way to a wide collection of knick knacks dedicated to love, including paint brushes, air fresheners and even pairs of panties!

Love locks and other sundry items...
The many ways to express undying love on Vancouver Island...

Friday, June 1, 2018

Pacific Paradise... in Canada?!

South Pacific island?
Bali High... or Ucluelet, BC?
When we are in the United States and I tell Americans that the part of Canada that we are from is warm enough for palm trees, I will typically get a look of surprise or dubious disbelief.

BC's coast is a rain forest with all that implies. Lots of the wet stuff during the winter, but warm, dry summers of the sort that palm trees thrive in.