Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Something borrowed / Something new / Something old / Something blue...

A tale of two bridges...
Victoria's bridges to the past and future...
Something borrowed: 

Victoria's new Johnson St bridge was originally estimated to cost about $40 million nine years ago. The lastest figures estimate that costs to date are more than $105 million.

Something new: 

The new bridge is the low-profile white bridge seen on the right hand side of this photo. It is a single-leaf bascule bridge that features much improved cycling and pedestrian lanes.

Something old / Something blue: 

All that remains of the original Johnson St. bridge is the structure that can be seen on the left. That will soon be removed and the old bridge will be consigned to the history books.

It was originally opened in 1924. It was designed by leading bridge designer Joseph Strauss who also designed the Golden Gate bridge in California.

In the late 70s, it was painted blue earning its alternate name as The Blue Bridge.

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