Monday, November 27, 2017

Twin Peaks: The Return

Twin Peaks... still as strange as ever...
Twin Peaks... keeping things weird for twenty-five years...
Who killed Laura Palmer?

That was the pop culture question twenty-five years ago when Twin Peaks premiered on network TV. A mix of drama, humour, the supernatural and the just plain weird, David Lynch' creation was one of those polarizing series that you either loved or hated.

For my wife and I it was must-see viewing during its two-year run. Once we moved back to BC, it became an ambition of mine to visit the filming locations in Washington State.

The series remained a cult classic which led to a highly anticipated third season being recently produced after a quarter-century off the air. It inspired us to finally to visit the real life town of Twin Peaks, a.k.a. North Bend, Washington, during our summer road trip.

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