Monday, November 13, 2017

Sand surfing

Hands up, ass out... that's how you stay balanced on a sandboard.
She'll be coming down the mountain when she comes...
Pushing down the Oregon coast to the cute town of Florence, we were on the edge of Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. Sand surfing is a popular local sport. It's exactly what it sounds like... surfing down the sides of dunes on the fine taupe-coloured sand.

We took lessons from a pro who provided us with some very useful tips and information for staying on the board while going downhill.

We weren't always successful. If you wipe out -- see below -- you can end up with sand sticking to your head like powdered cinnamon on a Tim Horton's donut. We jokingly referred to this as Timbitting. You have to be Canadian to get the reference.

The hazards of a spill on the sand...

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