Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Wayback Wednesday: Return to Otherworld

Otherworld art installation...
The great and powerful Zardoz...
I re-discovered this old photo in my archives... a record of my attendance at Otherworld on Vancouver Island five years ago.

It's one of numerous Burning Man ancillary events across North America. I went at the insistence of a friend who was a regular at this annual event. At the time, it took place in the forest on private land near Shawnigan Lake, but has since re-located further up island to Bamfield.

If I had to describe the event, it was sort of a cross between Bartertown (see the film Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome for reference) and Woodstock.

There were two distinct groups who were there. The first group were young adults there to just sit around and socialize, dance to the techno music, and do a lot of drugs. That was most of them it seemed.

The second group were the talented artists who put together art installations such as this one. Or people with entertaining skills such as fire spinners. I would have preferred to see more of this group.

I really couldn't get into the spirit of it. Many of the people that I met struck me as self-absorbed and vacuous. It was an interesting experience but not enough that I wanted to repeat it.

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