Friday, July 7, 2017

Sally's Cafe

Qualicum Beach standing in for Chesapeake Shores...
Downtown Qualicum Beach stands in for Chesapeake Shores...
Last year at our up island condo I briefly met actor Treat Williams. He was staying at our resort as part of the cast of Hallmark Channel's Chesapeake Shores. Season 1 of the series was filmed in and around the Oceanside area of Vancouver Island, standing in for fictional Chesapeake Shores in Maryland.

It's a rather tame night time soap -- no evil twins, scheming wives or crooked businessmen -- but my wife and and I eventually enjoyed watching it just to see the familiar locations. One of the most prominent locations on the show is Sally's Cafe, the social hub of the small town. It even turns up in the show's opening credits.

In reality, the cafe is the former Chamber of Commerce building of nearby Qualicum Beach. During a recent stay at our condo, we stopped by to take a photo. I had always assumed that the interior scenes were filmed elsewhere so I was surprised when we peeked through the windows to see all the props set up to film the interior scenes as well.

They've just finished filming the second season of the continuing adventures of the O'Brien clan which should start airing later this summer.

By the way, the series makes a great drinking game if you want to try it. Every time you hear a main character heave a sigh, down a drink. You'll be tanked before the final credits role...

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