Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Pride Parade 2017

Highlights from Victoria's 2017 Pride Parade...
2017 Pride Parade highlights...
This past weekend's Pride Parade was the biggest one to date. The usual faces were in attendance, including flamboyant regular Attila Basset who went for a simpler costume this year... one that didn't require its own set of wheels to transport.

I remember simpler times when it was a parade that celebrated the gay and bi- communities. Then the transgender crowd become part of the event.

This year marked a sort of gender-bending free-for-all where dozens of new 'genders' are now required to be recognized in Canadian law, each with their own pronouns such as zie/hir/ey/em, etc. It's now possible for someone to identify as 70% female/ 30% male, whatever that means. In times like this I identify as 'extraterrestrial' because I'm pretty sure I'm not on Earth anymore.

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