Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Wayback Wednesday: First World problems

Waves wash over the gunwales of a sunken pleasure craft off Sidney, BC...
Think your day is bad? 
Pity this poor boat owner... 
Winds can be a bitch..
First published Jan 19, 2015:

Curious onlookers glance at the remains of a pleasure craft sitting gunwales deep in the water off of Sidney, BC.

A friend told me that a lot of boat owners don't get insurance for their craft because the premiums are so high.

Update Jun 14, 2017:

Derelict boats have become a major problem in the neighbouring cities of Saanich and Oak Bay who both share a common body of water in Cadboro Bay.

The problem is one of jurisdiction. The cities own the beaches above the high tide line while the federal government is responsible for everything below that. And, by their nature, these boats straddle that boundary.

In desperation, local community groups have taken it upon themselves to dismantle and dispose of the vessels. However, this is only treating a symptom and not the problem itself of irresponsible owners.

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