Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Urban killers

A cat mocks me from the other side of the window...
Mocking me from the other side of the window...

This guy/gal is a frequent visitor to our yard. I'm reasonably sure that s/he is responsible for the frequent dead birds that we find outside as I've seen it stalking the birds at our feeder.

On this day, I caught it napping in our garden. I've tried to trap it numerous times but s/he is extra-skittish and bolts at the first sign of people. Right now I'm experimenting with a fake owl... so far so good after four days.

Cats are extremely efficient hunters. As our pets they are always in peak physical condition. The result is that cats are decimating bird and small animal populations around the world.

A study from England revealed that even when owners were presented evidence of the destructiveness of cats on the environment, they largely refused to restrict their cats' outdoor activities, or even fit them with belled collars. I can personally testify to the irresponsibility of urban cat owners from my own experience.

I have no problem with rural cats that earn their keep as rodent hunters. In that situation, nature tends to balance things out since the cats themselves are preyed upon by other wild animals.

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