Friday, March 3, 2017

The results are in...

Testing out skiblades on the mountain...
A couple of weekends ago I had the chance to test my thrift store short skis (aka snow blades or skiboards). It was an odd experience.

Going downhill they required a wider and higher stance than I'm normally used to, but otherwise weren't much different from normal skis. There was a lot of 'chatter' from my left skiboard, probably because they weren't waxed at all and it was sticking.

On the flats though, they were much easier than normal skis once I started to skate with them. Sometimes it was easier to just walk with them. THAT felt odd... lifting and putting my foot down without banging the heel of a ski against the ground.

I also dabbled at skiing down the hill backward, best achieved with a skating motion.

The biggest fun came from the fact I was free to move my hands about unencumbered by ski poles.

I hope to try them out again soon with some proper wax applied to them.

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