Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Those Amazing Men and Their Flying Machines

West Edmonton mall flyer...

This bit of digital art was produced in about a minute with the intriguing Painnt program in Windows 10. It's part of a trend of programs that claim to use something called "neural networks and artificial intelligence" to quickly turn photos into digital paintings in the style of classic painters such as Van Gogh and Dali. You provide the image, hit the 'GO' button, and -- voila! -- instant art.

You can tweak some basic settings, but most of the grunt work is done by the program.

In this instance, I was going for a 1930's pulp action comic book feel. The original photo -- seen below -- was taken way back in 2005 when our family took in a movie at West Edmonton mall. These whimsical sculptures hung from the ceiling.

The mad flyer of West Edmonton mall...
The original photo source for the artwork above...

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