Friday, February 3, 2017

Killer Kermits

Aliens among us?
Aliens among us...
Every kid of certain age -- mostly boys -- grew up catching frogs out of a lake or river. It was mostly harmless fun... okay, maybe less so for the manhandled frogs.

It wasn't til I saw this video of an African bullfrog eating everything in sight that I saw them in a new light. A scary new light...

Warning: This video is graphic and may be disturbing...

Did you know that frogs fold their own eyeballs into their heads to help them push food down their throats? That s**t is freaky!

This big fellow has a permanent home at our local nature sanctuary. He seems pretty benign, content to sit on his log in his terrarium, watching all the young kids that press their faces up against the glass to see him.

But behind those alien, inscrutable eyes who knows what dark and alien thoughts are twisting?

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