Monday, February 6, 2017


Rover's on the lam...
Dog on the run...
Another in my series of ugly-ass art... this one seen at a thrift shop in Parksville, BC.

The title of this piece is Rover's Gone, according to the fine print on it. Look at the details:

i. Rover appeared to be tethered to his doghouse by a three-foot leash;

ii. Rover's small doghouse has no insulation or buffer against the wind;

iii. The mean-looking kid looks more like he's plotting revenge against Rover than mourning his loss;

iv. An empty bowl on the left hand side suggests that Rover was either starved or deprived of water;

iv. The image is painted on to a paddle mounted in a frame, possible the very same paddle that they used to beat Rover into submission whenever he acted up.

Run, Rover! Run and never look back at your oppressors!

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