Monday, January 16, 2017

Lose the moose...

While in Jasper, Alberta recently our family stayed at the Athabasca Hotel. It appears that the owners consciously decided to keep it deliberately old school... like really old school... maybe 100 years old school. The wallpaper, carpeting and bedcovers featured dated colours and patterns, but looked to be almost in new condition.

The single beds in our room were ridiculously small, reflecting the shorter stature of people a century ago. But, they were clearly new-ish beds. Is there some company somewhere that specializes in re-creating early 20th century hotels?

Among the dated touches were the numerous animals heads on the walls, including this moose head in the lobby. These days, such a thing would be considered politically incorrect or insensitive, but the Athabasca seems determined to thumb its nose at current attitudes.

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