Friday, December 16, 2016

Yippee-kai-yay melon farmer!

The official Die Hard colouring book...
Bruce Willis... What IS the colour of badass?
Die Hard is THE classic 80s action-thriller. Bruce Willis starred as wise-cracking New York cop, John McClane, who must single-handedly take out the Euro-trash and kick them to the curb.

The movie created an entire movie genre; that of the heavily-outnumbered lone hero trapped behind 'enemy lines' (ocean liner, train, commercial airliner) who has to use his wits to evade and defeat the villain(s).

There are those who consider the movie a Christmas movie and there are the others who are wrong. In our house, it's required viewing at Christmas.

A few weeks ago, strolling through the local Walmart, I came across the official Die Hard colouring book! It's faithful to the movie, but does feature some tongue-in-cheek puzzles and games. An example -- seen in the right-hand side above -- challenges you to act as the TV network censor and substitute creative alternatives for the movie's explicit language.

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