Monday, November 7, 2016

The Inn is out

The Colwood Inn, in search of a new home...
The Colwood Inn is looking for a forever home...
Decades ago -- longer than I will admit here -- I was a young cadet at Royal Roads Military College (RRMC), training to be an officer in our Navy.

During our time at the college, we were forced to wear uniforms, or regimental jackets, ties and trousers when off the campus grounds. Easily identifiable, we were frequently harassed by local yahoos when we were out on the town. As a result, we tended not to wander far from the college to socialize, and the Colwood Inn was a favourite watering hole for us.

It was located a short walk from our campus. The patrons were familiar with us and content to leave us alone.

On a recent visit to Colwood, I was surprised to see that the Inn was still intact, albeit behind a chain link fence and up on blocks. I assumed that it had been bulldozed years ago to make way for inevitable new malls and condos.

Apparently, there were plans to re-locate the Inn, but they've been put on hold due to the bankruptcy of the developer of the site. For now, it sits, waiting for its eventual fate to be determined.

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