Wednesday, November 23, 2016

"Get to da choppa!"

Predator statues on display in a Mexican gift shop...
No, not an ancient Mayan god...
Okay, I bet you're wondering about the weird title of today's post. It's one of the classic lines from that Arnold Schwarzenegger cinematic masterpiece Predator. Over on Youtube you can see the original version and Arnold's modern update.

But you're still confused? What has that go to do with Puerto Vallarta? Well, it turns out the movie was filmed in nearby jungles. In fact, the wreckage of the 'choppa' still exists and some local tours will take you to the film's shooting locations.

Local tourist vendors have taken advantage of this fact to produce and hawk Predator-related paraphernalia such as the statues above. I can't see this stuff appealing to anyone but teenage males. They wouldn't be old enough to remember the original film, but they've probably seen the numerous sequels and spin-off movies since.

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