Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wayback Wednesday: Scrotum Bliss!

If it feels good on your face it must be Scrotum Bliss.
If it feels good on your face it must be Scrotum Bliss!
On a recent trip to the other end of Vancouver Island I was hiking an off-the-beaten-path trail to San Josef beach near Cape Scott. A couple passed me and I immediately recognized Scrotum Bliss inventor Chip Nary. I said hi to him and his wife and he promptly recognized me from our encounter two years ago.

Chip and his wife still sell their unique moisturizer although these days he devotes most of his time to his pottery business. He does produce some beautiful stuff... if you're ever passing through the community of Ladysmith stop in and see it for yourself.

2014 Oct 18
Dragon's Den is a popular TV show in which would-be entrepreneurs pitch their products to a panel of self-made business successes in hopes of securing funding and guidance from a "dragon". A surprising number of these guests come from Vancouver Island which is relatively small in comparison to the entire population of Canada.

A few seasons ago Chip Nary and his wife, Alexa Grier, pitched Scrotum Bliss, a unique blend of moisturizers designed to soothe and moisturize... well, you can guess. It turned out that the pair were from Ladysmith, a small community north of Victoria that I have featured in this blog before.

Chip Nary (right), inventor of Scrotum Bliss

What stuck with me from their appearance on the show was:
 i. Chip's seriously deep and smooth baritone of a voice that he showcased in a little poem on the show; and
ii. the unique bottle for their product - a suspiciously round bottle topped by a grinning face.
Last week I went looking for a bottle of Scrotum Bliss and, hopefully, to meet the inventors. On our way to Parksville, we stopped into Chip's studio, Crystalline Vortex Pottery, in Ladysmith to chat with him for a few minutes and to pick up a bottle of the good stuff.

Even though they didn't score a deal on the show, the exposure secured an investor who is working with them to bring their unique product to a wider market. Chip shared the origins of Scrotum Bliss -- it was a balm developed to provide relief when extensive cycling caused problems of a scroticular nature and his wife told him: "You have to moisturize that thing!"

As a favour to us, Zak also replayed his rap/poem ode to his product:

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