Friday, September 30, 2016


Poking around in Vancouver Island's Huson caves...

I had never heard of Vancouver Island's Huson caves until a month ago. They are located along a very rough logging road -- is there any other kind? -- between the main highway of Vancouver Island and the remote community of Zeballos.

Driving to them, we came over a rise to suddenly encounter a mama black bear and her three cubs. It was a very close encounter. They were right beside the road and it's hard to say who was more startled, us or the bears. The cubs turned and bolted down the road while mama charged into the brush. We turned off the van and waited patiently until mama cautiously emerged on the road ahead of us. She glanced at us warily to make sure we weren't about to follow her and turned to trot off after her cubs.

We carried on to the caves.

One of the caves was closed due to the trail stairs being out of commission, but we made our way down the steep and overgrown path anyway to explore the arch carved out of the limestone by the river.

The other cave -- again more of an overhead arch -- was easy to get to and very dramatic with the river flowing briskly between the rocks to create rapids and eddies.

Current and eddies in the Huson caves...

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