Monday, September 12, 2016


Last month my wife and I strolled through an Oceanside auto show. It was much more relaxed and WAY less crowded than the tens of thousands of people who came out for the Northwest Deuce Days show in Victoria.

Rather than more pics of curves and colours though I thought I would focus on the props that some collectors use to dress up their cars.

For some reason, demons and the supernatural seem to be a favourite theme with them. A lot of these guys are typically old white guys well into their senior years. Maybe it's about to trying to re-capture the 'bad boy' attitude of their long gone youth, who knows?

Sometimes the props are meant to evoke the era and the times of the car as I mentioned in a previous post.

The owner of this Ghia had an 60s era drive-in window tray hanging off his car. It looked real, but everything was plastic and strictly for show.

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