Friday, September 2, 2016

You are NOT the centre of everyone's universe...

-- Quote: Olin Miller
Photo: M. Laplante -- Bastion Square, Victoria, BC
I belong to Toastmasters, the public speaking and leadership organization. Beginners usually join to overcome their fear of public speaking. (Fear of public speaking is one of the biggest fears if not THE biggest according to numerous studies.)

Sometimes their fear takes the form of "I'm afraid I'll look or sound boring or stupid..." However, I point out to them that they -- the beginning speaker -- just aren't that important to the audience.

The members of your audience lead their own lives and have their own concerns.  A lot of their 'thoughts are about their own situations. That bored looking girl over there? She's replaying the crappy night out on the town with the girlfriends last night. That businessman who is glancing down and not paying attention? He's mentally composing notes for a business mixer that he has later that day.

And on it goes...

Fear of what other people think of YOU is actually a form of narcissism where you assume that you are the centre of attention being judged by others. Relax. You're not THAT important... and that's a good thing.

Enjoy your life and don't worry about how others think of you...

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