Monday, July 18, 2016


Ganges resident inventor Palu Rainbow Song...

My wife and I recently spent a weekend camping on nearby Salt Spring Island, one of the southern Gulf Islands. Salt Spring is known for its retro/boho/beatnik vibe. It's populated by aging hippies, funky artists and wealthy retirees.

This fellow is Palu Rainbow Song. Palu seems to be a regular on the streets of the main village of Ganges. His deal is that he demonstrates his invention, the Solar Meditation Bow as a way to sell them. Even if you don't buy one, he's happy to accept "contributions" for his demo.

The spinning gizmo actually does produce a trippy light show behind your closed eyes, an effect enhanced by the didgeridoo that he plays in your ear.

Tuning into higher consciousness with the Solar Meditation Bow...

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