Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wayback Wednesday: Galiano explorers

Galiano shoreline with its strange formations...
Literally for years I have been trying to get to the marine park that exists at the north end of the southern Gulf Island of Galiano. Attempts to reach it by road/hiking have been thwarted by the native reserve that separates the park from the rest of the island.

Last summer, my wife and I tried to get there via the sea in our NuCanoes. Unfortunately, the swift tides flowing through the channel to the north of Galiano were too intimidating. I ventured forth first to try it and found myself surging forward in the choppy water. Our canoes are very stable so I wasn't worried about tipping. I WAS worried that I would shoot through the channel and be tossed out into the middle of the Salish Sea. That would have left me in the shipping lanes at night hoping not to get run over! for a passing freighter or ferry to rescue me.

Reluctantly, I turned around and gave up the quest. However, I hope to try it again this summer at some point.

Kicking back at the end of a day of paddling...

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