Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Water, waves and wind...

Catching the breezes of Parksville's main bay...
This past weekend in Parksville I had my first real taste of successful kiteboarding. Earlier this year I developed an interest in trying this sport but I'm too timid to risk life and limb doing the more extreme version of kitesurfing. Kitesurfing often involves high winds and gravity-defying leaps into the air on a gust of wind.

Instead I've taken up the more geriatric version known as SUKing... standup kiteboarding in which a larger and more stable paddleboard is substituted for the short version of a kiteboard.

My kite is relatively small -- the better to avoid sudden unexpected flights due to strong winds -- and it doesn't generate the same sorts of speeds that the regular sport does. Still I was chuffed when I sailed past one woman who called out to me, "Holy s**t! Does that ever look complex!"

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