Monday, June 27, 2016

Magic Monday: Mysterious creatures

Do ape-men roam the forests of Vancouver Island?

Previously here I've mentioned Cadborosaurus, the mythological sea serpent that supposedly lives in the ocean off Vancouver Island. Another creature from the same realm is sasquatch a.k.a. Bigfoot. I think you'd find that most British Columbians would smile, maybe chuckle politely, at the idea that an entire population of ape-like giants remain undiscovered while roaming the forests of the Pacific Northwest.

Nonetheless that hasn't stopped local crypto-zoologists from trying to find conclusive proof that such creatures exist. Their cause is not helped by the fact that nearly every photo of the creature is a blurry mess suggesting that sasquatch may be less of a long lost big ape and more of a guy in a gorilla suit.

My own personal theory is that the legend is based on sightings of bears walking upright while trying to see or smell something in the distance. In the deep gloom of a forest, particularly at dusk or dawn, a bear standing on its hind legs could easily be mistaken for a large apeman creature.

Still, I gotta admit that a small part of me that goes back to my boyhood would like to believe that these reclusive creatures really do exist.

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