Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Adios Rio Jordan

The mouth of the Jordan River...
I was out at Jordan River recently to try my hand at standup paddle surfing again.

Once known as Rio Jordan, the community started as a logging camp and had a population of over 1000. It's now little more than a small collection of homes, two tiny restaurants and a spartan campground that mostly caters to visiting surfers. Even this village is going to disappear soon though.

Several years ago the hydro dam upriver was identified as likely to collapse following the magnitude 8 or 9 earthquake expected to hit the Pacific Northwest in the next 50 years. The resulting torrent of water will wipe out the community downstream. Rather than risk that, the provincial hydro authority recently purchased all the remaining homes and the campground.

The houses will be shuttered and probably removed at some point. Surfers will be grateful to know that the power authority will not be closing the campsite, but will install an early warning system to alert them in the event of the dam failure.

How awesome would it be to surf THAT wall of water when it comes foaming out of the river mouth?

The surf point adjacent to the river mouth...

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