Monday, May 16, 2016

Who's a seal-ly animal?

A harbour seal swims along at Fishermans Wharf in Victoria.
Surfacing seal swims, seeking sustenance...
For a toonie, kids can buy a fish from the local seafood market to feed the harbour seals off Fishermans Wharf in Victoria. When you're a tourist visiting from some landlocked city somewhere, seeing a marine mammal in the wild is probably a big deal.

The reality though is that these seals are so habituated to humans that they can be considered semi-domesticated. A new federal law about to go into effect would make it illegal to feed seals. The intent is to encourage the animals to forage for their own food rather than rely on people.

It makes sense... drive through many national parks out here in BC and you'll see idiots feeding bears from their cars. Eventually it creates problems for bears and people alike.

Though they look cute, seals can and have attacked people feeding them from local jetties. In the end, they are just as wild as any bear.

"Do these spots make me look fat?"

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