Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Way of the Monkey

Obstacle course in the trees at Wildplay Elemental Park in Colwood...

Monkido sounds like some sort of bizarre martial art, but it's actually the name of an obstacle course at Wildplay Elemental Park in nearby Colwood.

It's an obstacle course with a difference. Participants are forty to sixty feet in the air, and they zip, swing and sway between platforms mounted to the trees.

Physically and mentally, it's a challenge. My wife and I did it several years ago, and it was my first step to overcoming my fear of heights. We did it at a similar site near Nanaimo and immediately after we celebrated with a King Swing... slipping over the edge of the 150-foot high bridge at the end of a 90-foot tether. It was awesome terrifying!

Monkido course...

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