Monday, May 23, 2016

Magic Monday: Return to Gracepoint

Holy Trinity Anglican Church in North Saanich on Vancouver Island...

Last summer while bombing around on my scooter on a warm, summery day I came across Holy Trinity Anglican Church in North Saanich.

It featured prominently in the Fox series Gracepoint that was filmed here three years ago. At the time I watched the series, I was familiar with all of the landmarks that appeared in the series but this one.

The church has existed for 130 years. It lies at one corner of the property of the Victoria International Airport. As I was strolling the cemetery behind the church, I was startled by a mid-size passenger jet passing low overhead as it came in for a landing. It seemed incongruous to have a modern aircraft passing so close over the weathered gravestones of people who died before aircraft were even invented.

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