Monday, May 2, 2016

Magic Monday: Chinatown After Dusk

Don Mee's restaurant in Victoria's Chinatown...
Don Mee's restaurant in Victoria's Chinatown
Neon signs always reminds me of an older age when it was a prominent feature of the urban landscape. Physically and metaphorically, they underlined and highlighted gas stations, diners, bars, theatres... Those candy-coloured tubes were a big part of the culture and sophisticated glamour of places like Broadway and Las Vegas.

Neon signage has declined in the last half-century. I imagine it's because neon signs are relatively expensive, and they aren't particularly good for the environment.

Here in Victoria, the only place where you'll see extensive use of neon signs is in Chinatown. I think it looks best just after sunset when the sky is a dark violet-blue.

The entrance to Fan Tan Alley in Victoria's Chinatown...

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