Friday, May 20, 2016

In Aberdeen

Strange sculpture in downtown Aberdeen, WA...
As I'm away on vacation, I've reached into the archives to find old photos that for whatever reason never made it into my blog the first time.

We came across this odd sculpture in downtown Aberdeen, Washington while returning from our Grand Canyon adventure three years ago.

I'll be blunt... we found Aberdeen to be one ugly city. And not just the city itself. The people who live there definitely skew to the low end of the bell curve for physical beauty. It was positively weird how many plain ugly people we saw there.

Now for this statue... my wife actually took this picture. I slowed our van down and stopped briefly at the side of the street so that she could get the photo.

While she busy with her camera, I watched a pleasant-looking woman in her late-20s, cross the road in front of us. She seemed perfectly fine until she got in front of our van when she suddenly leaned forward and puked violently. After several seconds of spewing, she straightened up and carried on across the street, apparently none the worse for her discharge. She didn't show any sign of embarrassment or remorse... she didn't even turn to glance at us through the window.

It is the one lasting impression that I have of Aberdeen.

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