Monday, April 11, 2016

The sincerest form of flattery...

A tribute to Alberto Vargas in chalk...

The expression 'Vargas girl' is probably familiar to anyone who either:

i. read Playboy in their youth;
ii. owned the album Candy-O by The Cars

The lushly painted pin-up girls created by Peruvian artist Alberto Vargas (1896-1982) were a feature of both.

I came across this particular recreation of his work done in chalk on a sidewalk in downtown Victoria. Unfortunately, I was unable to find anything to identify the chalk artist who produced this.

Chalk painting is a special type of art. It is much like those colourful sand mandalas painstakingly created by Buddhists monks who then promptly destroy them as a way to acknowledge the transitory nature of life.

Chalk artists create their labour of time and love knowing that their work will succumb to the elements... briefly admired and then lost forever. Unless some hack photo-blogger comes along to take a photo and write about it... ;)

Vargas girl as done by a Victoria chalk artist...

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