Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Dance Dance Revolution is cancelled

What is they threw a party and EVERYBODY came?

Last weekend, the square outside Victoria City Hall was ground zero for a non-sanctioned public party. Organized by a group or person calling themselves Dance Dance Victoria on Facebook, the call went out via social media urging people to show up for a street party. The organizers claimed to be inspired by grassroots protests, tent cities, bike rallies and similar events in nearby Vancouver. They promised DJs, fireworks, a parade...

It fizzled. Although three thousand people indicated their intention to descend on the square, in the end only about a four hundred people showed. There was no sign of the organizers who may have been scared off by warnings from the police that they could be personally liable for any damages or injuries that occurred.

No matter... the few hundred who did show up danced and sang along appreciatively to the one-man band/singer who appeared to entertain the crowd.

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