Friday, April 1, 2016

Philosophical Friday: The things you own...

Sunset off Vancouver Island's west coast...

Ever see a car commercial? Typically, it shows some guy, or maybe a couple with beaming smiles, as their car races through wide open desert vistas, mountain landscapes, seaside scenery, or brightly lit city streets.

There is never any other traffic in this bizarre alternate universe... just this one car and these people with crazy smiles enjoying this amazing driving experience in their luxury car.

The reality though is that a real-world owner of this car is more likely to find him or herself lurching from red light to red light, idling in a sea of exhaust fumes, twice a day as they commute to and from work. Depending on where they live, they may spend up to four hours daily repeating this soul-crushing experience for 48 weeks a year, five days or more a week... all so they can earn the money to buy the car that they are in and all the creature comforts of a First World existence.

I once saw a documentary about these insects -- I think they were some sort of Mayfly -- that hatch from eggs and then take flight. They live for only 24 hours, just enough time to find a mate before they die. At the time I was bemused by the emptiness of their existence... living just long enough to mindlessly reproduce with no time to actually enjoy the experience of life.

Yet, is it any different for many of us who mindlessly burn through our four score years of life on earth in pursuit of money to buy possessions and "things"?

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