Wednesday, April 6, 2016

One bridge / Two bridge / New bridge / Blue Bridge

Replace the Blue Bridge?
How many reasons not to?
Thirty million!
If it's hard to figure this photo out, what you are looking at is the eventual replacement for Victoria's iconic Johnson St. bridge, a.k.a. The Blue Bridge.

The original bridge -- seen here in the background -- was designed by Joseph Strauss who later went on to design San Francisco's Golden Gate bridge.

As a result of its distinct appearance and heritage status, a long, bitter war was waged by local politicians and the public to save/replace it. In the end, the decision was made to replace it.

The new bridge is already two years overdue and about 30 million dollars -- or 50 percent -- over budget and it looks likely that more cost increases are on the horizon. That all said, the replacement bridge will look very impressive if/when it is complete.

You can follow the development of the new bridge via a webcam hosted by the City of Victoria.

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