Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wayback Wednesday: Making a statement

you have much to say
many shiny new stickers
out of work beach bum?
This photo appeared here almost three years ago. Sadly, our old dog Bruno has since passed away, and we no longer walk around the lake where this car was seen.

I never did see it again to confirm my guesses. Earlier today though I was excited to see a small white car with many of the same stickers in a downtown parking lot. However, when I checked it against this photo it turned out to be a different make and model of car. So the mystery continues...
Jun 2, 2013
On weekends my wife and I take the dog out to the local lakes for a walk on the popular hiking and riding trails. I've seen this car parked in the lot a few times but have never seen the owner.  I decided to play Sherlock Holmes one day...

1. The fact that the stickers are all brand new suggests the owner has recently found a lot of free time on his/her hands. Newly retired? Divorced? Probably no family or at least no young children at home...

2. The fact that a few of the stickers are surf/ ocean related suggests that he/she is an active outdoor-sy...

3. The theme of the stickers plus the one that specifically mentions the Surf Sisters tells me this car's owner/driver is a woman. Surfing is a pretty active sport too so she is probably a younger woman.

4. The car is small and economical suggests the owner is someone of modest income and/or someone who is environmentally conscious.

If I ever encounter the car's owner I will report back on this blog...

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