Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wayback Wednesday: Jurassic Parksville!

Beach Club Resort in Parksville, BC...

This photo was first published here in March of 2013.

The Beach Club Resort -- shown here -- is located in Parksville, BC, an area known as Oceanside. When it was originally built, locals complained loudly because it robbed them of their lovely views of the ocean and the beach from their main street.

In the years since they've come to grudgingly accept it. They cheerfully use it to host their conferences, wedding receptions and other social events, as well as accept its higher tax rate. They also flock to the boardwalk in front of it that was possible only because the resort was built.

With the Canadian dollar at historic lows compared to the US dollar, we will be spending a big chunk of our summer vacation time at our condo in this resort. The main beach of Parksville gets some awesome winds. Combined with the extensive beach and shallow water I hope to get in lots of time playing with my kites this year.

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