Monday, February 8, 2016

Winter Blues

Wind and waves at Oceanside's Columbia Beach...
Waves and wind at Columbia Beach near Oceanside on Vancouver Island...
It's about this time of year that Victorians really start to get sick of the perpetual grey clouds of winter and look forward to brighter days and spring.

I'm anxious to start SUKing* and am looking for locations. This is Columbia Bay near Parksville... and these are... windsurfers?

Really? I thought this sport had gone the way of the dinosaur but it seems to be alive and popular in Parksville.

To be fair these two were very good at it, getting some serious air time in the strong wind that was blowing.

*SUKing: What ARE you thinking?! SUKing is the geriatric version of kiteboarding. It combines a kite and a larger standup paddle board rather than a true kiteboard.

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