Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The bright lights have faded to blue...

This is a departure from my normal style of post to note the death of another of my 70s-era music icons... Glenn Fry, co-founder of The Eagles. At 67, he died at an even younger age than David Bowie who passed away recently at 69. The cause of death was reported as complications from a variety of health issues.

The Eagles' easy, often melancholy, country rock was a staple at our house parties. We'd play their tunes in the dark and in our minds each of us was The Desperado, riding wide open ranges on our horses, stoically enduring the pain of our loneliness and our hunger for the love of a good woman who understood our strong, silent demeanours. Somewhere in that vision, a slow burning Marlboro cigarette always hung from the side of our mouths.

Of course, the reality was that we were just dumb-ass high school kids who knew nothing about ranges, horses or cowboys. Still, the songs hinted to us that life was deeper and richer than the few square urban blocks that we inhabited.

Glenn Fry's personal favourite song was said to be Peaceful Easy Feeling, but my favourite Eagles song was always Take It to the Limit. Although he didn't sing it, Frey was one of the writers of the song. (Frey is the one playing keyboards in this video...)

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