Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy 2016!

A Parksville family prepped for the Polar Bear Swim...
Prepped Polar Bears...

Polar Bear Swims are a 1 January tradition across Canada. My wife and I were in Parksville -- about two hours north of Victoria -- and we were two of about 240 local people who jumped into the ocean to welcome the New Year hardcore-style.

The air temperature was a brisk 2 degrees Centigrade while the water temperature was a numbing 8 degrees. Yes, we ran out of the water in less than a minute, squealing like little girls, to whip our comfy hotel bathrobes around us.

This local family was all decked out in costume for the event. The mom explained that every year the family chooses a new theme for their costumes. This year they went with a (mostly) canine motif.

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